The sky is deeper blue today
Because I have awareness.
 ~ Sister Dang Ngheim

In a mind clear as still water,
even the waves, breaking,
are reflecting its light.
~ Dogen Zenji

As the year draws to a close, having lost two friends, I really needed to read about happy stuff and all that to remind me of, not only the things that make me smile, but also that I have a crazily good year to be looking forward to.

Reconnecting with photography is one of the highlight of my year and starting this blog recently sets up a sweet end to an otherwise difficult year in many aspects.

It has been about connection for me. To reconnect to a hobby that I have set aside for many years. To connect to my deeper core of what is really essential in my life. To further cement the many parallels and connections of photography and life.

The process of contemplative photography, by itself can be a meditative and intense experience, connects seamlessly with my spiritual practice. 

Silence and stillness in a photo implies non movement, yet it can move the emotions in us. The stillness of the picture, made me feel like time has stood still, even for a brief moment, and that transitory moment when my heart finds space and expands to finally connect with the meaning of the picture is very spiritual.

When we get to the essence of the stillness and silence, the emotion is at its purest. And at this point, what we snap can be conveyed effectively. 

"It is the kind of photography that relies for its strengths not on special equipment or effects but on the intensity of the photographer’s seeing ... where the raw materials – light, space, and shape – are arranged in a meaningful and even universal way that gives grace to ordinary objects.” – Sam Abell

Life is short. Live it with all your strength and passion now. Don’t save it for a day you might not have. Be bold about it, even if your circumstances mean all you have is to love boldly and laugh boldly. 

I humbly invite you to join me in my photographic journey. Thank you for spending time with me here. May all be surrounded by light and love always. 

Wishing you tons of happiness for the new year!