Shadow Dancing

It was a typical harsh tropical mid afternoon, I had some time to spare in between errands and the park was within my sight. So I grabbed the OMD EM-10, alighted from my car and stormed the park. And for the first time, put my "free" 40-150mm F4/5.6 lens to the test. 

I'm not sure if the park sweepers there are used to seeing a lone ranger with a camera at this time of the day, but they sure did give me some "interesting" glances. No, I did not take their portraits, haha.

Chasing harsh light is not an easy situation to tackle. Basically I'm using contrast and looking for patterns or shadows created by the light. 

round and round

stone trooper

waves of steel

now, which is the right way?

"tree" on the greens

in between...

2015, you did me well my friend. Until next year ...


  1. I love the round and round pattern with the cloud and blue sky as the background. You are combining 3 simple elements into one very interesting image. Nice piece of art

    1. Thank you Hun's Photos. I like your observation on the three elements.


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