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Monochrome with the Huawei P9

I can remember growing up, most of the pictures that I saw and took was in black and white. Photography and cameras have come a long way since then. Today, with a purchase of a mobile phone, the camera and "film" come to us "free". How times have changed and are changing! Black and white photography always have a place in my heart, perhaps it serves as a link to my past, an awakening that time does not stood still yet parts of it can be frozen and preserved as food for the soul in the form of photographs. And with the Huawei P9 mobile phone, it was certainly a good excuse to revisit the charming genre of monochrome photography. I think black and white images add a hint of mystery to the composition and it draws me in to scan for the little nuances in the context of the subject. This is not a review of the phone and camera, just illustrations of my first moments with the camera, arising from the exploration of a genre that connects to me. However, I

Ipoh Old Town - As I See It


Kuala Lumpur - Lenscape

Like many fast growing metropolitan areas, Kuala Lumpur has also been experiencing rapid changes due to vast constructions and development. It has lead to some loss of historic image and perhaps an identity crisis.  A casual stroll through the city took me to the old railway station and the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, contrasting significance of what was once a symbol of the city, the unique architecture of the railway station, but now dwarfed by the majestic and futuristic twin towers. A well preserved urban heritage is important as it maintains the identity of the nation and the image of the city besides contributing to tourism.  “What is it about old places that give them this unique capacity to ‘convey, embody, or stimulate a relation or reaction’ to history? … [P]eople feel the excitement of experiencing the place where something actually happened, from the shimmering watery fortress of Fort Sumter where the Civil War started, to the quiet rooms of Emily Dickinson’s h