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Kuala Lumpur - Lenscape

Like many fast growing metropolitan areas, Kuala Lumpur has also been experiencing rapid changes due to vast constructions and development. It has lead to some loss of historic image and perhaps an identity crisis.  A casual stroll through the city took me to the old railway station and the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, contrasting significance of what was once a symbol of the city, the unique architecture of the railway station, but now dwarfed by the majestic and futuristic twin towers. A well preserved urban heritage is important as it maintains the identity of the nation and the image of the city besides contributing to tourism.  “What is it about old places that give them this unique capacity to ‘convey, embody, or stimulate a relation or reaction’ to history? … [P]eople feel the excitement of experiencing the place where something actually happened, from the shimmering watery fortress of Fort Sumter where the Civil War started, to the quiet rooms of Emily Dickinson’s h

More Than Words

I was inspired by  Kim Manley Ort  and Nathan Wirth  to come up with a visual CV, where I try to answer some questions with a series of images instead of words. It was a fun and enlightening exercise, to look within in this manner. It was not an easy task as the same image could have answered several different questions, but for now these are probably close to it. Who Are You? Why Photography? What Is Your Trademark Photography Style? What Truly Inspires You? Where Do You Go When You Close Your Eyes? Where Is Home For You? How Would You Describe Your Lifestyle? What Makes A Great Shot? How Do You View The World? What Is An Important Lesson You've Learned?