Kuala Lumpur - Lenscape

Like many fast growing metropolitan areas, Kuala Lumpur has also been experiencing rapid changes due to vast constructions and development. It has lead to some loss of historic image and perhaps an identity crisis. 

A casual stroll through the city took me to the old railway station and the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, contrasting significance of what was once a symbol of the city, the unique architecture of the railway station, but now dwarfed by the majestic and futuristic twin towers.

A well preserved urban heritage is important as it maintains the identity of the nation and the image of the city besides contributing to tourism. 

“What is it about old places that give them this unique capacity to ‘convey, embody, or stimulate a relation or reaction’ to history? … [P]eople feel the excitement of experiencing the place where something actually happened, from the shimmering watery fortress of Fort Sumter where the Civil War started, to the quiet rooms of Emily Dickinson’s home in Amherst, Mass.” ~ History on the Preservation Leadership Forum blog

Here are a handful of images I shot while traversing through two different centuries of architecture.

Used to be the main railway station

Just another stop these days ...

The administrative office features a Moorish revival architecture which reflects the Ottoman and Mughal Empire during late 13th and early 14th centuries with influence from Greek and Gothe architecture in the 14th century

Bus or train?

Not twins but two "towers" from the past

Time to slow down and reflect ...

Metal consuming wood ... new replacing old

Is cleaning the windows "transparent" enough? 

Squeezed ...

Lots to reflect on ... for the people of this beautiful country

Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) park

Twin aspirations


Tallest ketupat structure in Malaysia. Ketupat is also known as rice cake, a traditional Malay food

Light a lamp to raise funds for an old folks home. Just like the historical structures in the city, what is old is still gold, they just need some attention and care


  1. Wonderful captions to illustrate the pics, great contemplative feel, well done!


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